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Become capable, competent, and confident in entrepreneurship and live life doing what you are most passionate about.


Course Begins: 
July 29 - Sep 30 
(10 Saturdays)  8:30am - 12pm, Ortigas Location -  17 seats remaining

Business Startup Course: PriME

Certificate of Proficiency in Management and Entrepreneurship

PriME is a modern day business course that empowers you to live out your dreams and pursue your passions by becoming capable, competent, and confident in Management and Entrepreneurship. This open enrollment program contains the 5 essential concepts behind every successful business and is available to everyone regardless of educational or professional background.

Should you be considering to pursue your passion in life, start a new venture or are already engaged in any current business,
PriME will equip you with the skills and confidence needed for real world success.

How We're Different

When it's too late to get a business degree. When it's too long and costly to get a MBA. When get rich quick seminars are, well...too quick and too good to be true. Now there's another option. A smarter option.

The Integra School of Management & Entrepreneurship has an amazing course called "PriME" that stands for Proficiency in Management & Entrepreneurship. A relevant, efficient, and remarkable 10-session modern business certificate of credential that is guaranteed to make you become more capable, competent, and confident in the ever - changing world of business.
Day 1 & 2: Innovation for Entrepreneurship
  • Business life-cycles and the innovation process of entrepreneurship
  • Self awareness, internal & external analysis, and insights on passion-driven businesses
  • Formulating a value proposition using the "true end user purpose" model
  • Bootstrapping, prototyping, and building business models
  • Correlating the business model to the income statement
Day 3 & 4: Core Management Essentials
  • Leadership, interpersonal skills, and the role of personal branding
  • The 8 parts of every successful business - in focus: various ways to create economic value
  • Key essentials in business analytics based decision making
Day 5 & 6: The Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
  • The various applications of financial accounting for business owners and managers
  • Understanding and constructing the 3 main financial statements
  • The pros and cons of using finance as the primary tool for business decisions
Day 7 & 8: The Evolution of Marketing, Sales, & PR
  • The still functioning essentials of marketing, sales, and PR
  • The evolution of marketing
  • Do it yourself: creating a digital marketing system from scratch
  • The creative visual aspect to advertising and branding
Day 9 & 10: Business Law and Corporate Governance
  • The fundamentals of business law - in focus: business entities, labor code, taxation & income
  • The essentials of corporate governance
  • Sustainable leadership and strategies to maintaining partnership integrity

July 29 - Sep 30
Schedule: 10 Saturdays, 8:30am - 12:00pm
Next Location: The Linden Suites, 37 San Miguel Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Inclusions: AM/PM snacks, Lunch, coffee & beverage station, WIFI, Digital Takeaway Packets, workbook

Regular Rate:  P49,000
Application Deadline: July 26

Early Registration Rate: P39,000 (Savings of P10,000)
Early Registration Deadline: July 7

+15% off for groups or students
Promo for groups of 3 or more

  1. If you have the makings of an entrepreneur or business person considering to start in the world of business or are currently involved in an existing business
  2. If you are a student or recent graduate of any field looking to add PriME to your list of credentials in order to build your resume and attract the right employment opportunities
  3. If you are considering a MBA and would like to be better equipped moving forward
  4. If you are a professional in the arts, in a technical trade, or in a corporate setting looking to increase your understanding and ability to improve your performance in your current organization
  5. If you are planning to invest in a business and want to be able to assess both potential and risk

PriME is a package deal wherein 5 key modules are delivered over a period of 10 sessions. Each session is a combination of lecture, activity, group discussion, and guest speaker question and answer portion.

Integrating the modules together are a series of solo assignments that  when combined make up for the required final assignment. The course is not graded however the quality, timeliness, and display of understanding of the concepts presented in your final assignment give you the Official "PriME Certificate of Credentials". Participants who do not complete the coursework or deliver the requirements after the due dates will be given a "certificate of participation".

  1. PriME is an excellent option for individuals with no business education
  2. The course saves up to 95% of the time and cost of an MBA or college degree in business, management, or entrepreneurship
  3. The content is comprehensive and the delivery is set at just the right pace
  4. The course is delivered by a mix of lecturers and speakers who have achieved what most consider "remarkable" in their specific fields.



In the digital world change happens in an instant. Integra gets this, that's why we our program is consistently updated to match the times. That way PriME is relevant and you stay relevant through PriME.


Time is your most valuable asset. We get that too. Our courses are just right time to get the job done.  Quality isn't measured by duration, quality is measured by application.


Our dedication to excellence and quality guarantees an undeniably  remarkable, cost effective, business - management, and entrepreneurship  course through PriME.

By Integra Institute 29 Apr, 2017

Here we go. The tale of the tape, 3 different people, 3 different specialties but ultimately one goal: Start it! Make it viable! Scale it! behind most successful businesses there are three types of people. Which one are you? Lets take a look:

1st the Technician / Starter:This cat is the one with the technical capabilities to get the product or service to a level that brings value to the life of people. Those who fit under this category are people like doctors, artists, chefs, musicians or IT personas. They are great at the craft and normally would need help in every other aspect of the business. Truly, an essential part of the team.

2nd the Entrepreneur / Opportunity Spotter and Innovator:Slick, cool, calm and collected.. he has to be. Why? because when everyone else doubts, this person believes. He/she is uber flexible, a growth hacker of some sort and is usually unpredictable. While not many can figure the whats, why and whens of this person - miraculously they get $%!T done. What people don't usually see is the emotional fortitude mental work and creativity that comes with this type of persona. The entrepreneur is best with big ideas, innovation and developing new adjacent businesses for an existing one.Truly, an essential part of the team.

3rd is the Manager / Organizer.This dude is meticulous and organized. They dig the routine and the putting out of fires. This would bore the hell out of the first two but this person is also the one who drives a business to scale. While true managers are sometimes notorious for a lack of imagination their ability to be consistent and focused is vital to a business's growth.

So who is the best of the best? ......(drum roll)....... Mark Zuckerberg. LOLs, nah - you are all good. You, you and you. Oh and yes, even you too. Thats the good news.

Team work my friends. Team work. Good hold HONEST teamwork...that's the name of the game. The three of you should unite and not allow egos to rise up and destroy the harmony. Peace!

By Integra Institute 22 Apr, 2017

Either your an Entrepreneur or you aren't. the only way to know if it's in your DNA or not is to give it a try and see if you love it and if it works more often than not. I love it just as much as food, cooking and education.

Brian Tracy says that only about 1% of people have the ability to really take risks, real entrepreneurial risks. That's about 1.2 million Filipinos. The other 99% can work on or for a business once it's established. Only 1% have the ability to make those entrepreneurial breakthroughs that create 99% of those jobs.

  1. You love, love, love creating new things   - Airplane, iPhone, Starbucks, AirB&B, Uber, PayPal, Google, purification water tablets, self cleaning toilets - i made that one up ;) - if you like inventing new things, REAL innovation, not the innovation people through around just because they created a new product with an extra ingredient in it, then my friend, you are 20% an entrepreneur.
  2. You're obsessed with changing the world   - for most entrepreneurs I know or have read about, it aint just about the money. It's about making the world more awesome. If you make your money illegally, your a thief. If you can make your money doing something that does good to this world. That! Is a true sign of an awesome entrepreneur.
  3. You can handle failure   - When close to dying, it has been studied that most old people regret not taking risks. When asked why they answered because they were afraid of failure. Success is the tree of a lot of failed seeds. Fail fast, fail often, fail forward. Those who have never failed big time probably have not achieved anything of note either.
  4. You have an insatiable appetite for learning   - you surround yourself with smarter and better people, you go through books like it was an addictive and illegal substance. Entrepreneurs love to learn because not just because they have to, but because they love to.
  5. You work hard and play hard   - well, thats what they say... :)
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