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INTEGRA is a modern day business school determined to help keep dreams alive.

Our Mission is to give people the power to live the life of their dreams by providing them with the knowledge and skills to integrate both passion and success in a way that works.

There are too many people who have placed their passions aside for work they would rather not do. We are bridging the gap between passion and success so more people can live a life doing what they truly love to do over a life of doing what they have to do.

At the end of the day, everyone wants to succeed in life doing what they are most passionate about. At Integra we share everything we and our partners know so that our students can both live their passion and achieve success through the power of relevant, efficient, and remarkable modern-day education.

"Work is love made visible." 
- Kahlil Gibran, Artist / Poet


The number of SMEs in the Philippines that are shaping the  way you live. It's time you place matters into your own hands.

Multiple Locations

Life is busy. Traffic is terrible. There is so much to do. Don't worry, we're mobile, we're the school that goes to you


The time and cost you save. PriME is the next best thing when  traditional business school is no longer an option.

5 essential modules

We've considered what to include in PriME. These modules are we deemed most vital in today business world.

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